Spare parts for Blowing Machines and Vacuums

We supply all spare parts for Cool Machines Blowing Machines and Vacuums. We also supply spare parts for Krendl Insulation Blowing Machines.

We provide professional support and can advise on ongoing machine maintenance. Direct telephone support to our machine customers is one of our trademarks. Local dealers are also available in many European countries which have the opportunity to provide professional support on their native languages.

You are always welcome to contact us either by phone, e-mail or by our contact form, then we will contact you, offering our support to solve your machine problem.

Maintenance and Service of insulation blowing machines and vacuums for removal of insulation
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Video Tutorials

We present a series of video tutorials with instructions on how to do regular service maintenance on your insulation machine or insulation removal vacuums.

Cool Machines insulation machines and vacuums units are designed for easy servicing by the installer or local craftsman.

Service and spare parts can be supplied upon short notice.

If you have questions in regards to the assembly you may either check out the videos below or contact us by phone for guidance, do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of support.

Replacing Airlock Seals CM-2400

If you experience that the speed of the material flow is decreasing, it is most likely that the rubber seals in the airlock are worn and should be replaced. When very worn-out, it may also be detected by that the air is popping up through the material instead of out through the hose.

You can easily change the airlock seals yourself, and by following the instructions in this video you will get help with the work.

Order new replacement airlock seals from Cool Machines Europe before you start. At the same time, we recommend that you use talcum powder in the airlock, it makes it easier to turn the shaft with the new rubber seals. So, buy some talcum powder before you start.

Besides from that, you only need to have the required tools and a workbench.

When the airlock seals have been changed, you will most likely experience that the insulation machine runs at the same speed as when it was new.

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How to replace airlock seals on a Cell Mach 1500

This video shows how to replace airlock seals on an older Cell Mach 1500 from Cool Machines.

Worn-out airlock seals reduces the blowing capacity of the insulation blowing machines. It reduces the pressure in the hose and thereby slows down the material flow and may prevent you from reaching the required material density due to lack of pressure.

It may also show in the material hopper where air pressure will be released into the insulation material instead of the hose. Replacing airlock seals is quite simple. You can order airlock seals at the nearest dealer.

If necessary, when fitting the new seals, use Talcum powder in the airlock, it will enable you to easier turn the airlock rotor.

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How to service CM-1500

Watch how to service a CM-1500 Insulation Blowing Machine.

Maintenance of a CM-1500 can be done by yourself. You can order spare parts by Cool Machines and we we can provide advice and guidance. Contact us.

Or you can order a Service Aggreement by Cool Machines.

Contact us for a Service Aggreement.

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It's highly important to keep your Vacuum clean

Maintaining the area around your engine, could mean the difference between a running engine and an engine that needs replaced.

We advice you to do regular maintenance of the vacuum. Remove fibers and dirt from the engine and filters so it does not get stock inside the engine.

In this video Dave Krendl explain how to maintain the Air Cooling System.

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