This video shows how to replace airlock seals on an older Cell Mach 1500 from Cool Machines.

Worn-out airlock seals reduces the blowing capacity of the insulation blowing machines. It reduces the pressure in the hose and thereby slows down the material flow and may prevent you from reaching the required material density due to lack of pressure.

It may also show in the material hopper where air pressure will be released into the insulation material instead of the hose. Replacing airlock seals is quite simple. You can order airlock seals at the nearest dealer.

If necessary, when fitting the new seals, use Talcum powder in the airlock, it will enable you to easier turn the airlock rotor.

Replacing airlock seals cell mach 1500
mount new airlock seals cell mach 1500
mounting hopper cell mach 1500 blowing machines
Checking blower capacity cell mach 1500 insulation blowing machine