If you experience that the speed of the material flow is decreasing, it is most likely that the rubber seals in the airlock are worn and should be replaced. When very worn-out, it may also be detected by that the air is popping up through the material instead of out through the hose.

You can easily change the airlock seals yourself, and by following the instructions in this video you will get help with the work.

Order new replacement airlock seals from Cool Machines Europe before you start. At the same time, we recommend that you use talcum powder in the airlock, it makes it easier to turn the shaft with the new rubber seals. So, buy some talcum powder before you start.

Besides from that, you only need to have the required tools and a workbench.

When the airlock seals have been changed, you will most likely experience that the insulation machine runs at the same speed as when it was new.

Removing the airlock from the blowing machine
Buy new airlock seals at Cool Machines Europe
use talcum when replacing airlock seals
It is easy to replace airlock seals on a CM-2400 blowing machine