Blowing Cellulose

Watch the video and see how the installers are blowing cellulose fiber on a ceiling.

The installers are using af CM-1500HP.

On the remote control it is possible to control the blower speed.

In this job cellulose is used for insulation, but the CM-1500HP can handle all types of loose fiber materials.

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Testing our Monster Vac 23 hp

We always test our machines before they are delivered to a customer - customer satisfaction and reliability are central when we collaborate with our customers.

Our vacuums is designed in high quality for use by craftsmen.

If you need to remove light materials such as insulation, muld and sphagnum, then a industrial vacuum is an ideal tool.

We sell both gas driven and electrical vaccums. See also the rest of our vacuums.

CM-2400 in Action

Amazing blowing capacity at high elevation

The CM-2400 machine is designed and build to be use by the professional contractor, who are handling both small and major insulation jobs. It is perfect for blowing at long distances or/and with high elevation.

Our partners from Tegtech checked the capacity of the CM-2400 at a height of 25 meters and with the use of 90 meters of hose. Here the capacity was still more than 900 kilos of Rockwool per hour. It is doubtless quite impressive and unique for a machine of this size and with only 230 Volt power requirements.

For this specific task they were filling a cavity of 500 mm and at a height of up to 25 meters, turning into many tons of insulation material. Speed and performance are crucial parameters in order to solve jobs under such circumstances, task size and installing rate.

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