The CM-3000XL is a large insulation blowing machine at a very unique price. We have succeeded in developing a machine that combines high efficiency, volume and low cost. This blowing machine can outperform most other machines on the market in its size - both in terms of price and production speed.

The CM-3000XL has the same high quality as all our range of insulation machines, and is designed for the installer with several large insulation jobs. With a production speed of up to 2041 kg per hour, makes it possible to blow insulation at an impressive speed and efficiency.

You will not lack material while blowing, a large material hopper of 1.5 m3 provides plenty space for material. At the same time, the machine's blowing capacity ensures that you can blow with exactly the density you want.

An outlet tube of 4” (100 mm) means that you can work with a big dimensioning of hoses - it is especially important in connection with open blowing of insulation material on ceiling and attics.

The isolation blowing machine is available both with a Blower Box with 230 Volts 4 blowers or with a powerful 400 Volts PD Blower. The primary difference between the two blower solutions is that the PD blower blows at the same speed regardless of hose length or altimeter. No matter if you choose a Blower Box or PD Blower, you can expect high speeds over long distances and with high material elevation.
With the long-range wireless remote control, you can control both blower speed and material gate settings. It gives the installer optimal working conditions regardless of the type of insulation job.

The CM-3000XL is designed to blow with all types of insulation materials, being it rockwool, fibreglass, cellulose fiber or wood fiber. The specially designed augers combined with fast-moving shredders above the Airlock maximizes fiber conditioning and production rate.

Like our other blowing machines, the CM-3000XL is easy to operate both from the Control panel or with the long-range wireless remote control. All moving parts are oversized and simple to service. The design and construction of the machine provides for reliability and many years of trouble-free use by a minimum of maintenance and service costs.

Perfect insulation blowing machine for large insulation jobs. High speed and large material hopper equal optimal production capacity.

Contact us for the quotation of one of the market's best valued insulation machines in its size and performance.
Production Rate
Cellulose 2041 kg/hr.
Fiberglass 817 kg/hr.
Rockwool 998 kg/hr.

Insulation machine with Blower Box 230 Volt
High speed with 4 blowers

High speed with 4 blowers

Our efficient standard model for 230 Volt is with Blower box and the ability to control the blowing speed and material gate with the long-range wireless remote control.

Blowing machines 400V PD blower
High Performance 400V PD blower

High Performance 400V PD blower

With the PD Blower on the CM-3000XL, you are sure of the speed regardless of hose length or elevation. Both blower speed and material gate can be controlled by the wireless remote control.

Unique auger design for insulation machine
Unique auger design

Unique auger design

Specially developed augers ensures that the insulation material gets optimal conditioned and easily feat into the airlock.

Turbo shredders for high blowing machines
Turbo shredders

Turbo shredders

Fast spinning shredder blades above the airlock gives an optimal flow of the material into the hose regardless types of insulation fibers.

Insulation machine in a truck
Location in the truck

Location in the truck

Despite its size, the slim design of the insulation blowing machine leaves plenty of room for equipment and insulation materials in the truck.

Location in a truck
Different location possibilities

Different location possibilities

The control box for the insulation machine can be mounted on the front of the machine, thus opening up for an alternative location in the truck.

The insulation blowing machine can handle: Cellulose, Fiberglass, EPS, Mineral Wool and Woodfiber.

Wireless remote control of Slide Gate for metering fiber.

Wireless remote control of blower speed

The market's best valued insulation machines in its size and performance.



  • 530 kg (4 Blower Box, 230 Volt)
  • 680 kg (5 hp PD Blower, 400 Volt)
  • 703 kg (7.5 hp PD Blower, 400 Volt)


  • L:208 cm x W:72 cm x 183- 201 cm

Hopper Capacity

  • 1.47 m3

Airlock size and Pressure

  • Airlock size: Ø30.5 cm. x L:50.8 cm, 4" / 100 mm output tube
  • Airlock pressure: 276 mbar with Blower Box
  • Airlock pressure: 414 mbar with 5 hp PD blower
  • Airlock pressure: 552 mbar with 7.5 hp PD Blower

Drive Motor

  • 2 hp / 1.49 kW

Blower Options and Air Capacity

  • Blower Box: 7 amp / 240 m3/hr per. Blower | 4 blowers 960 m3/hr
  • 5 hp PD Blower - 280 m3/hr
  • 7.5 hp PD Blower - 348 m3/hr
  • *PD = Positive Displacement Motor

Power Requirements

  • 10/10/10 amp., 230 Volt triple input (Blower Box with 4 blowers)
  • 12 amp., 400 Volt, 3 phases, 5 hp PD Blower
  • 15 amp., 400 Volt, 3 phases, 7.5 hp PD Blower
  • Generator size: Minimum 12 kW (Blower box and 5 hp PD Blower) Generator size: Minimum 18 kW (7.5 hp PD Blower)
  • The size of the generator is set to fit the required startup power consumption of the machine which approximately is 1.6 times higher than the general maximum consumption of the machine.

CE Conformity

Production Rate

Additional Machine Options

  • Splitt Vacuum with Dust Bin
Hose Reels
Hose Reels

Hose Reels

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Wetting System
Wetting System

Wetting System

An internal wetting system (IWS) is a tube inserted into the hose near the blowing machine.

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Remote Controls
Remote Controls

Remote Controls

Cool Machines remote control comes both as wireless or cord remotes

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